About Me


The Modern Southern Mrs. is my platform to highlight my favorite happenings in interior design, running, my ever-evolving kitchen adventures, and of course…being a modern, southern Mrs.


I’m a born and raised southern girl with big hair, a big heart, and big goals. I married my college sweetheart (as many southerners do…), but I managed to graduate with an education that I’ve turned into a handy little career, too! This is what inspired me to start this blog. As a southern girl growing up in East Tennessee, I was subliminally taught that if you didn’t marry your college sweetheart and devote your life to being a housewife/stay at home mom, your only option was to be a career-obsessed, old maid. Well, guess what? I’m here to prove that us southern girls really can do it all. A fulfilling marriage with the traditional home-cooked meals and family, while still having a successful career that rivals ( and if you’re doing it right, beats…) those career-obsessed, old maids.
For all you modern, southern mrs’ that, like myself, expect a little more, I hope my insights, fails, and victories both inspire and amuse you.


I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life. -Elsie De Wolfe

That handy little career I mentioned…Interior Design. My purpose truly IS to make everything around me beautiful. God has blessed me with a great gift that consistently rewards me, and I’m grateful for this every single day.


He’s more myself than I am. Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same. -Emily Bronte

We’re far from perfect and always learning new things. Marriage is a journey that I couldn’t imagine with anyone else. He’s truly my other half.


Worry less. Run more.

I also run…a lot. Few things make me happier or push me more than long distance running. A 10k or half marathon? I can probably be convinced.


Where you go I’ll go and where you stay I’ll stay…

Our little family has recently relocated to Franklin, just south of Nashville and we’re LOVING our new middle TN home. Follow along as we explore our new town and find all of our favorite new things! 

Thank for stopping by the Modern Southern Mrs.!



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