Designing A Life 

In the last 2.5 years that the Mrs. has existed I’ve shared some of my favorite design tips, lots of recipes, and even more opinions and lessons I’ve learned as a twenty-something southern girl working to balance married life and building a career I love. I’ve also managed to take a couple small hiatuses from writing (ex: the last 2 months…) when life gets busy. It’s never that I quit designing, cooking, or learning it’s simply that at those particular times its less about designing someone’s house or blog post and more about “designing” a life that we love and the last 2 months have been a beautifully busy example of that!

 (If you’re new to the Mrs. a quick glance here will catch you up on the blog concept and content.) 


I wrote about the exciting move our little family was making to Nashville this past fall in A New Season for DREW’S job. Little did we know that only a few short weeks after this announcement my wonderful bosses, whom I’ve worked for the past 6 years, would come to me about my opening a second location in Nashville for the 100+ year old business they own. Seeing that I absolutely love designing, can’t imagine doing anything else, and have been blessed to work for two of my very favorite people, when the opportunity to continue doing these things in our new town was presented my response was a very excited…YES! Fast forward a little over six months and a lot of preparation, here I am running a beautiful, little design center and back to spending my days doing what I love. 


No secrets here, in all of my design posts I praise classic design and declare my love for timeless, beautiful things. I tend to shy away from the overly trendy in favor of longevity. This doesn’t mean I don’t like current trends and use them, it simply means I use them wisely. Here’s a few of my favorite things right now and how I recommend using them. 


Where to use it and how? Everywhere and on everything…KIDDING! Seriously though, I do LOVE me some warm metals and gold is definitely my go to right now and has been for a hot minute.  This trend is all over the place right now and not going away anytime soon but best on lighting, mirrors, hardware, or small accent pieces. 


I LOVE all the fun patterns and textures that have come out of this last season AND I love using them together. But how to do both without hating it in 6 months? 

-Have fun with pattern but keep it classic and neutral. I promise you’ll regret that magenta geometric patterned chair a lot faster than its beige geometric cousin. (Get your color with a little magenta or colbalt lumbar pillow in the back and have a simple change to the next color trend as soon as this one passes!) 

-Tons of different texture is fabulous in a space when each is in moderation. Textured wool rugs are one of the best ways to ground this detail-oriented look in a large scale way without being too trendy or specific. Be more detailed and sculpted on the smaller stuff in the space, like pillows and ottomans. 


This first post back is all about my taking a second to celebrate the beauty of design…both in the places we live and the spaces I create as well the “designing” we all do in the everyday life decisions and choices we make. I encourage everyone reading this post to start their week with the question “Am I designing a life I love?” 

Happy Sunday! 


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