Milk & Bread

 Not your typical Tennessee weekend around here…


That’s right…we got SNOW! Around 8″ of it for those of us in Nashville. While you Northern folks may shake your head at the small dusting you see 8″ to be, remember 2 important things about winter weather in the south: 

1) Snow is fairly uncommon so our cities are not equipped with a large number of snow plows and other materials needed to clear the streets so in turn, travel gets sketchy fast. 

2) Because of everything in point 1, most southerners are terrified of snow and rush to the grocery store at the mere talk of a few potential flakes falling to collect ALL the milk and bread. I don’t really understand why milk and bread because assuming Hell freezes over and we’re all actually trapped in our houses for days and days, WHO wants to choke down dry, sliced bread with milk? Ugh..Not me! Nonetheless, the rush will happen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. While I didn’t stock up on bread and milk I did make the necessary day-before-the-snow grocery trip into the insanity known as my local Kroger to collect any and everything needed for a long weekend of soup making and not leaving our house. (In case you’re wondering I barely survived…it was pretty much Black Friday chaos.)


Cold weather, with or without snow, always makes me crave comfort food…especially hearty soups! They’re an easy, one pot way to fill up without a huge mess and well, I LOVE any reason to make a good one pot dinner. While I typically share my own recipes today is a look at some of my favorite soups that I’ve came across over the years. Here’s 4 soups that I’ve made countless times and we continue to love! 

Mini Turkey Meatball Vegetable Soup | Skinnytaste


White Chicken Chili | Food Network


Black Bean Soup | Or So She Says…

Broccoli & Cheese Soup | Peas & Crayons


Even though our southern snow may be melting, there’s still a lot of winter left! Make a pot of soup, sit by the fire, and pray for spring to get here FAST! 



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