New Year, New Goals

Start exercising…

Lose 10lbs….

Drop a bad habit…

Get a new job…

All very likely resolutions you’ve heard in the last few weeks. So what is it about January that gives us all the motivation (at least temporarily…) to right our  wrongs and work toward better versions of ourselves? Why do we all need the fresh start of a new year when we can start changing things we don’t like about ourselves any single day of the year at any single minute? Great question! I’m equally guilty of using the hype and motivation of a new year to focus on what I want to see change in the upcoming so I’m not going to shame all you resolutioners. I am, however, going to encourage you to stick with it! It’s SO easy to care the first week of a resolution but by the end of January the excitement can be fading….

Are you 11 days in and ready to tackle your 12th? Remember, it takes 14 days to break or make a habit so you’re almost there! Will it magically become second nature then? No, probably not but it will get easier. Keep going! 

Are you starting the 12th day after a rough Monday? So what!?!? One bad day won’t kill a resolution. Learn from where you went wrong and jump back on the wagon and find a way to hold yourself accountable. After all, you do still have 354 days in 2016…

Speaking of holding accountable…

For me, throwing something I want to accomplish into the universe is the best way to feel accountable even on the bad days. Hence, why my resolutions are listed below. 


I’m really excited to be settling in with our new Nashville address…I want to use 2016 to eat and run my way from one side of town to the other and stopping everywhere in between! I’m SO guilty of finding my routine and then staying in it all the time. This year I will get out of my box and check out things and places I’d typically never make time to go. 


A new town means a new place to launch my career. It’s no secret that I love design and I’ve been on a small hiatus from it during our move/the holidays. In 2016, I’ll be getting back to work and will be embarking on new challenges and opportunities. I want to know that I can look back on December 31st in complete confidence that my focus was rock solid and I accomplished every single thing I wanted to and was capable of doing in a calendar year.  


Embrace the unexpected. I’m such a perfectionist that I tend to get hung up on what I think “should” happen. I’m working hard to get out of my own way and remember that God’s plan for my life is SO much better than anything I can plan or schedule. 


         What are your resolutions this year?   


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