All In The Details 

The details are not the details. They make the design.” -Charles Eames

As I’m preparing for a very impending move to Nashville and doing a little reflecting ( mostly to avoid packing…) I’ve been thinking about my last five years of designing in Knoxville. I’ve always set my standards and expectations high when it comes to my work. I absolutely love my career as an Interior Designer and made a promise to myself quite sometime ago that I refuse to put my name on work that I don’t stand behind. Basically, if I’m going to give it my time it’s good design or it’s no design. So what exactly makes a good design? Charles Eames said it best, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” 

Details, details, details! The difference between basic and bold, efficient and inefficient, good design and bad design…it’s all in the details. Here’s a quick look at two projects I’ve completed over the last month or so and the details that made them the successes they are. 

“Farmhouse Glam” was my target throughout this entire project right down to the chrome chicken wire used in the upper cabinetry.


The island is the star of this kitchen with a butcher block entertaining side and a strong , quartz side perfect for cooking and prep.

Thinking about a remodel or maybe just a refurnishing? Ask yourself these two questions: Is it functional? Is it fabulous? Acheiving these two things is all in the details! 

Happy Friday! 


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