A New Season


Football season has started and the morning air is getting crisp. Fall is coming. It’s all just around the corner…fall food, pumpkin everything, and for the Wilkerson house an impending move to Nashville! Anyone who knows me has been totally floored to hear that we’re leaving my beloved Knoxville but it’s happening. As much as I love my town, I love my heavy-traveling husband more. The past few months have brought several wonderful opportunities for him and in turn, Nashville is the best choice for our home so to Nashville we go! 


Seriously…anxiety and excitement. I’m overwhelmed then I’m excited. I’m excited and then I’m overwhelmed. SO many great changes and new things coming our way but with these new opportunities comes saying goodbye to living a few minutes from our families and goodbye to the career I’ve built in a town I love. It goes without saying, this Modern Mrs. loves her career. I’ve wrote time and time again about successfully balancing marriage and career because I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to be on top of your game with both. I’m moving to Nashville because my first job and responsibility is to be a wife and support system for my husband but as soon as we’re settled I’ll be back designing and ready to build my business in Nashville! This fabulous new town is just the next step in the wonderful journey we’ve been blessed with and as overwhelming as change can be I couldn’t be more excited for us to take it on. It’s going to be a big time for the Modern Mrs. and I plan to share the highs/lows and successes/failures all along the way. Stay tuned…it’s going to be an exciting season! 



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